Stop Complaining Tom Brady!

Was Tom Brady wrong to call out the fans?

I presume we all read the newspaper(s), listened to the call in radio shows, as well as considered exactly what Tom Brady meant when he criticized the Patriots fan base on Thursday.

Being at Sunday’s game, every fan’s realized the Cincinnati Bengals had no chance to win their first ballgame of the 2010 season. They weren’t going to win after an early halftime exit from “Batman and Robin,” (a.k.a. Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco) or after Brandon Tate’s 97-yard touchdown return in the second half.

Quarterback Carson Palmer seemed confused at times, as well as was not in sync with his receivers. I am pretty sure that all the Bengals fans realized that this was not their week.

With all of this in mind, then why must Brady call out the hometown faithful? Can’t every person remain seated in his or her seats or do they all need to be standing constantly for 60 minutes? Come on Tom, what did you expect?

Chastising Patriots fans, especially those who have been apart of the team through their “dark years” and rebuilding seasons is unnecessary.

Tom, how long have you lived in Massachusetts? Do you feel it is right to call out ticket holder’s who want to just watch football? Can’t you give them a break?

As a season ticket holder, I find it completely unnecessary for an athlete to challenge the way I want watch a game. I don’t intend to show up and stand around screaming throughout the course of every game because I need to save my vocal chords.

I show up to the game because I am (A.) a fan and (B.) in the stands to cheer you, as well as the rest of your teammates onto victory.

Don’t challenge the fans in Boston. Just because some decided to leave early on Sunday, especially when the Patriots were up by a gigantic margin, doesn’t mean it is necessary to challenge their decisions.

Tom, stop complaining about the fans and concentrate on football. As the season progresses, I can promise you, myself and all the fans will be cheering for your team to keep on marching toward the Super Bowl, but this was completely uncalled for.

Also, is there any chance you could give Justin Bieber his hair back?

One thought on “Stop Complaining Tom Brady!”

  1. Matt! I need to follow your stuff more. This has a very professional look and feel to it, nice stuff. I’m going to argue against you to stoke the fires.

    I think you grievously misinterpreted Tom Brady’s quote. Here is the full quote:

    “The road environment is very different than our friendly home crowd, who when I looked up, half the stadium was gone when we were up 21 points early fourth quarter, which I wasn’t so happy about. I don’t think the Jets fans leave early. They’re going to be loud the whole game. Communication is always an issue.”

    You make an argument based up the whole standing-versus-sitting issue: Brady, however, was flat out saying that the fans weren’t there, at all, never mind whether they were sitting passively on their butts rather than standing and shouting.

    As for the merits of Brady’s argument. I can definitely appreciate how your insulted by Brady’s comments as a season ticket holder. You are your dad are longtime loyal supporters of the Patriots. You have to admit that Brady has a point though. Some of the best fans are priced out of being at the game. The success of the franchise over the past decade, the move to Gillette, the recession, the trend towards higher ticket prices: all of these factors make honest and LOUD fans like yourself in the minority. When you look at the typical crowd that fills the lower bowl, it’s no wonder Brady’s disappointed.

    As an aside, consider that New England doesn’t have the same football culture as a place like say, Green Bay or Pittsburgh. You might argue me on that, but I don’t think you will. Would Brady call out fans in those cities even if the EXACT same thing was happening? Calling out those fan bases would be a far different story.

    As for me, I’m glad Brady challenged the fans in Boston. Yuppies in the red seats need to get out from behind the glass and look up from their iPhones, Droids, and everything else and CHEER ON THEIR FOOTBALL TEAM!

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