Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick: Who deserves the starting job in Philly?

Who should Andy Reid really start at quarterback?

The sports media world was turned upside down when news broke over head coach Andy Reid’s decision to switch his starting quarterback, Kevin Kolb to a backup role and in his place, start Michael Vick.

This decision certainly is an interesting move on Reid’s part, but clearly, after watching the past two games, it seems obvious for Vick to play, but should he really be the starter of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Why wouldn’t Reid allow Kolb to have another chance?

Does everyone agree with this particular move? I know I am somewhat unsure of what to do, but am not totally in favor of handing the keys of this offense over to Mr. Vick.

Before the season begun, the Philadelphia media had provided plenty of stories and information that allowed all NFL fans to know that Kevin Kolb would be the signal caller under center. Yet, despite Kolb’s awful performance in week one against the Green Bay Packers, as well as his concussion too, it did pave the way for Vick to show all football fans that he still knows how to play this sport.

Yet, should Vick remain the quarterback of the Eagles, especially since he led the squad to their first win of the 2010 season?

Does he deserve the role, especially after his off the field antics, which included gambling on dog fighting?

Are NFL fans willing to forgive Vick for his bad mistakes and give him a second chance?

Certainly it would be nice if Reid allowed Kolb another opportunity to prove himself and show the city of Philadelphia that he is indeed the future quarterback, but Vick does have a track record of winning football games, which possibly is why he was elected the starter.

When Vick entered the league in 2001, the Falcons were a team that knew how to win, which was a vital part toward his success. He received tutelage from quarterback Chris Chandler, who had led the Falcons in 1998 to their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Unfortunately, the Falcons lost to John Elway and the Denver Broncos, 34-19, yet, this tradition of competing in the playoffs continued with Vick in 2002 and 2004, but similar to Chandler’s Falcons, they too, were unsuccessful.

Is Vick ready to lead the Eagles to victory?

Vick clearly knows the formula to win games, but not how to get a team to a Super Bowl. An example of this was when his Falcons lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in ’04 during the NFC Championship game. Vick and his team went home, while the Eagles continued onto the big game in Jacksonville.

Clearly Vick has had success in this league. Although, just because he has already won one game, demonstrated to all Eagles fans that he can throw a tight spiral and exhibited the fact that he can still scramble when the pocket collapses, doesn’t prove that he deserves this particular starting job.

Andy Reid is fortunate that in week three the Eagles will face a struggling Jacksonville Jaguars team that is (1-1). So, if Vick and the Eagles earn another victory, what does that prove? Should it mean that the Eagles are a great team? Playoff bound? Have a great group of players who are battled tested and ready for a Super Bowl run or will it make Reid look like the greatest decision maker?

If the team earns their second victory of the current season, it will mean that Andy Reid is using an experienced player with a proven track record to replace his former quarterback Donovan McNabb, so that they can win games. Yet, while Vick may have more wins than Kolb does in his career, should he really be the starting quarterback? Who really knows!

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