Randy Moss, a Minnesota Viking

Randy Moss is back with the "Purple People Eaters"

By now, you probably have heard the news that Randy Moss is officially a Minnesota Viking. With this in mind, Noontime Sports has compiled a few videos of his playing days with the Vikings in the Twin City.

A Randy Moss Highlight Reel:

Enjoy in this particular video various moments of success that Moss experienced when playing with the Vikings.

Randy Moss Toe Touching Touchdown Toss:

In this particular video, you will see Moss make an outstanding highlight reel catch with his toes tapping the very end of the end zone.

Randy Moss’s illustrious mooning incident in Green Bay:

I am sure many will remember Joe Buck‘s, “Thats disgusting,” remark when broadcasting a Green Bay-Minnesota game.

Randy Moss in ’98 having a fantastic start to his first Thanksgiving professional football game:

Our title says it all, but watch this great flea-flicker play that allowed Randy Moss to break loose into the Dallas Cowboys secondary.

Randy Moss not only can catch, but block too:

Check out Randy Moss providing a great block for his quarterback in this video.

Randy Moss makes a one-handed catch:

Randy Moss ran a quick slant against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense and comes down with a one handed touchdown catch.

Randy Moss blows by Charlie Williams:

Randy Moss excelled in his first turkey day game against the Dallas Cowboys, here just a phenomenal play by him to break free from a tackle and sprint down the sidelines for a touchdown.

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