Daily Noontime – October 8, 2010

Lincecum was lights out against the Braves in game one of the NLDS on Thursday.

Well it is hard to believe, but today is Friday, as well as nice long Columbus Day weekend too. So grab the kids, put down the work and go on a vacation! Well, maybe not everyone should go on a vacation, but in the meantime, here is our Friday Daily Noontime! Have an awesome weekend everyone!


* The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers have one thing in common, they both hold a 2-0 lead over their opponents in the American League division series, so is round one close to over? Can the Tampa Bay Rays or Minnesota Twins come back?

* Randy Moss is again, officially a Minnesota Viking and expects his second round with the Minnesota Vikings to be “a fun ride.”

* Could the Boston Red Sox be proud owners of a soccer team? That’s correct, a soccer team in Europe? We shall see!

* San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary forgot to shake Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith‘s hand after their week four loss on Sunday.

* Tim Lincecum struck out fourteen batters, as the San Francisco Giants beat the Atlanta Braves in game one of the National League Division series.

* Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon was not happy with the umpires, especially Jim Wolf who may have missed a critical call in game two against the Texas Rangers.

* Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will sit out his team’s week five match up against the Carolina Panthers.

* The New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers are apparently talking about a trade that would send wide receiver Vincent Jackson to play with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Games to Watch:

* Cincinnati at Philadelphia (MLB Playoffs) (Friday) – 6:07pm eastern

* Anaheim at Detroit (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* Atlanta at San Francisco (MLB Playoffs) (Friday) – 9:37pm eastern

* Phoenix at Boston (in Prague) (NHL) (Saturday) – 12:00pm eastern

* Boston College at NC State (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 12:00pm eastern

* #1 Alabama at #19 South Carolina (NCAA) (Saturday) – 3:30pm eastern

* #17 Michigan State at #18 Michigan (NCAA FB)  (Saturday) – 3:30pm eastern

* Tampa Bay at Texas (MLB Playoffs) (Saturday) – 5:07pm eastern

* #12 LSU at #14 Florida (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 7:30pm eastern

* Minnesota at New York Yankees (MLB Playoffs) (Saturday) – 8:37pm eastern

* IF NECESSARY – Tampa Bay at Texas (MLB Playoffs) (Sunday) – 1:07pm eastern

* San Francisco at Atlanta (MLB Playoffs) (Sunday) – 4:37pm eastern

* Philadelphia at Cincinnati (MLB Playoffs) (Sunday) – 7:07pm eastern

* IF NECESSARY – Minnesota at New York Yankees (Sunday) – 8:07pm

* Kansas City at Indianapolis (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Green Bay at Washington (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Tennessee at Dallas (NFL) (Sunday) – 4:15pm eastern

* Philadelphia at San Francisco (NFL) (Sunday) – 8:20pm eastern

Video of the Day:

So the Miami Heat made a big splash this offseason with revamping their entire roster, but couldn’t they have gotten a brand new PA announcer too?

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