Daily Noontime – October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

It is officially the day after 10/10/10, but today also has a special meaning too. It is Columbus Day here in America, a special day that honors the founding of North America by Christopher Columbus. So, thank you Mr. Columbus and in the meantime here is your Daily Noontime for Monday October 11, 2010.


* The Philadelphia Eagles handed the San Francisco 49ers their fifth loss of the season, which makes the team that plays by the city by the bay, [0-5].

* Time to panic in “Big D?” The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Tennessee Titans and once again face a do or die matchup in week six against the Minnesota Vikings.

* The Philadelphia Phillies won their first round playoff division series and are now headed to the National League Championship Series, but will they play the San Francisco Giants or Atlanta Braves? Only time will tell!

* Terrell Owens may notice his wallet may get a little lighter this week due to the NFL possibly fining him for tweeting before his team’s game on Sunday.

* Look out NCAA because there is a new number one football team in the country. Who is it? The Ohio State Buckeyes.

* St. Louis Rams wide receiver Mark Clayton is most likely done for the season.

* Marcus Camby has made it clear and that he expects to play two more NBA seasons. Good or bad move for Camby?

Games to Watch:

* Pittsburgh at New Jersey (NHL) – 4:00pm eastern

* Chicago at Buffalo (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* San Francisco at Atlanta (MLB Playoffs) – 7:37pm eastern

* Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Here is our video of the day regarding Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and some possible ideas of why QB-4 returned for his 20th season.


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