Daily Noontime – October 14, 2010

Good Bye Shawne!

It is indeed a Thursday, which means the weekend begins tomorrow! Here is your Thursday edition of the Daily Noontime for October 14, 2010, have a fantastic day everyone!


* Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre could miss a game, possibly even this weekend against Dallas, due to his elbow.

* Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas was fined by the team/organization for faking an injury.

*San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman will no longer be “Lights Out” for the “Bolts” because he was put on the injured reserve list, which means he must be released once he is healthy.

* Here is a few thoughts on the BCS, which is the College Football system that maybe flawed or just plain old wrong .

* Should Rex Ryan even consider playing Darrelle Revis this Sunday against the Denver Broncos?

* The Green Bay Packers currently reside in second place in the NFC North right behind the Chicago Bears, but here is an article on why the “Cheese-heads” maybe in a great deal of pain!

* CC Sabathia is officially ready to take the mound for game one of the American League Championship Series when the New York Yankees play the Texas Rangers.

Games to Watch:

* Charlotte at Orlando (NBA) – 7:00pm eastern

* San Antonio at Cleveland (NBA) – 7:30pm eastern

* South Florida at #25 West Virginia (NCAA FB) – 7:30pm eastern

* Detroit at Dallas (NHL) – 8:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Well, there may not be anymore “Lights Out” with the San Diego Chargers, but here is our favorite commercial starring the one and only Shawne Merriman!

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