Matt Boutwell (The Big Jab 96.3FM/1440AM Portland, ME) on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Matt Boutwell, one of the morning drive hosts for The Big Jab 96.3FM/1440AM in Portland, Maine, joined Noontime Sports to talk about the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics, as well as a few teams to follow in Maine this winter.

Listen to Boutwell and his co-host Shoe Monday through Friday 6AM-10AM and 8AM-11AM on Saturday’s too!

Check out Boutwell’s Maine sports site too by CLICKING HERE and make sure to follow him on Twitter too!

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  • I really felt as a football fan,And a Steelers fan. I have always had trouble with a 8-8 team playing host to a 12-4 team that said. Pittsburgh took a lot of chances with there players health all year just for that shot at home field through out.It was a gamble that didn’t pan out.In a game where Coaches are the 1st. Ones to blame. No one is asking the Question did it cost them the playoffs? I think you could argue on both sides if they don’t play they don’t get there? And If there front 7 could have played 1 game this year together Denver would have been Lucky to score 10 points!!!! 3 Defensive starters were out yesterday and there Probowl Center!!! Yes Health did cost this team the playoffs!!!!!!!

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