Daily Noontime – October 22, 2010

Hard to believe, but it is officially Friday! Here is our Daily Noontime for October 22, 2010, have an awesome weekend!


* The Philadelphia Phillies have earned another day to play some baseball, following their 4-2 victory of the San Francisco Giants.

* Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees is sticking with a Game 5 superstition to help his team win Game 6 against the Texas Rangers.

* Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz will play in Game 6 against the Yankees, despite a hamstring injury.

* Brett Favre‘s “lady friend” has now hired a lawyer, due to photos and voicemail’s she received from the future hall of fame quarterback.

* The Dallas Cowboys have decided to bring referees to practice to understand what exactly is a penalty.

* Dwight Howard expressed his opinion toward LeBron James who is upset about mean and nasty tweets on Twitter.

* Peter King of Sports Illustrated has his NFL week seven picks, so take a look and see if your team is bound to win!

* The number two college team in the nation, Oregon, beat UCLA on Thursday, 60-13.

Games to Watch this Weekend:

* South Florida at Cincinnati (NCAA FB) (Friday) – 8:00pm eastern

* New York Yankees at Texas (MLB Playoffs) (Friday) – 8:07pm eastern

* Notre Dame at Navy (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 12:00pm eastern

* #6 LSU at #4 Auburn (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 3:30pm eastern

* San Francisco at Philadelphia (MLB Playoffs) (Saturday) – 3:57pm eastern

* #1 Oklahoma at #11 Missouri (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 8:00pm eastern

IF NECESSARY – * New York Yankees at Texas (MLB Playoffs) (Saturday) – 8:07pm eastern

IF NECESSARY – * San Francisco at Philadelphia (MLB Playoffs) (Sunday) – 7:57pm eastern

* Cincinnati at Atlanta (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Philadelphia at Tennessee (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Pittsburgh at Minnesota (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* New England at San Diego (NFL) (Sunday) – 4:15pm eastern

* Minnesota at Green Bay (NFL) (Sunday) – 8:20pm eastern

Video of the Day:

With the NHL season already under way, here is a rule for all hockey fans to know about dating!

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