Kevin Garnett's Comments

The striking comments that roared out of Kevin Garnett’s mouth on Tuesday in Detroit have continued to be echoed across the NBA, as well as on of the social media site called Twitter. Yet, calling someone a “cancer patient” is taking it to the extreme, right?

The Detroit Pistons have one player by the name of Charlie Villanueva who happens to have alopecia universalis, which prevents hair growth on a person’s head. From looking at any picture of Villanueva, it is apparent that not only does he not have a single piece of hair on his head or even an eyebrow. So, why does he need to be attacked for this disease? What did he do that caused Garnett to lash out at him? Why did Garnett say what he said?

The answer is up in the air, but when any NBA fan thinks about Garnett the first thing that will always comes to mind is that he loves to trash talk and mouth off at any player or official. Garnett loves to talk, but sometimes he goes too far, but does he even realize it?

With all of this being said, let’s get your take on this entire situation. Please fill out our poll question below and lets see what fans have to say about this disturbing incident.

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