What is going on in Dallas? Thoughts on the Cowboys

The Cowboys season has been turned upside down and has gotten worse.


What is worse, listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” on repeat or watching the Dallas Cowboys?

My answer as of Monday, November 8, 2010 …  watching the Dallas Cowboys!

They have been awful!

They have looked horrendous!

They have looked like a bunch of scrubs that don’t know how to play football!

Overall…they look so bad!

So what do you do if you are owner Jerry Jones? Do you fire your head coach Wade Phillips? Do you acquire a new quarterback? Do you fire all of your offensive and defensive coordinators? What exactly do you do?

The answer is obviously unknown, but I personally believe as a Cowboys fan, getting a win wouldn’t be a bad start or thing to add to their “to do list.”

Just one win could maybe allow Jones, Phillips and the rest of the Cowboys organization the chance to stop holding their breath and breathe for once this fall.

When the Cowboys began their season in Washington, there were almost too many red versus yellow flags that were thrown on the field. They made multiple mistakes and didn’t look like a possible Super Bowl contender. No team in week one is going to be impressive, but for Jones to say back in July and August that his team would play a home Super Bowl game was completely inappropriate.

The Cowboys have too many issues to deal with currently, but where do you start?

Namath said his team would win the Super Bowl and they did in Super Bowl III.

Most likely, the blame has to fall on Jones himself for pulling a Joe Namath and guaranteeing a home Super Bowl. Excuse me Jerry, but that has never happened in the history of the NFL, so never say anything like that again

Just because a team may appear “jacked up” on paper or extremely talented, shouldn’t mean that they are headed to the podium to claim another Lombardi trophy.

It is easy to say that the Cowboys have failed their expectations and are possibly counting down the days until the end of the 2010 season. Yet with a record of [1-7] they are currently tied for the worst record in the NFC with the Carolina Panthers and are on track to finish [1-15]. The last time the Cowboys finished their season with only one win was during Troy Aikman’s rookie season in 1989.

So with these various thoughts, what exactly should Jones, Phillips and the rest of the Cowboys organization do? Should they throw in the towel? Concede every remaining game or try to salvage their remaining eight games?

My answer, play for pride and try to win at least one or two more games before the year 2010 comes to a close.

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  1. Wade wins for dumbest coaching challenge of the week. Did the Eagles score, or do they get the ball inside the one? Let’s challenge the spot! Brilliant. If the Cowboys win the challenge, the Eagles get the ball 2 feet from the End Zone and score on the next play. Lose the challenge and you just cost yourself a challenge and a timeout. Cowboys lose the challenge, then don’t have any time outs when they actually need to challenge a TD. Wade has to go. Dallas players were just going through the motions last night.

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