A Few Great College Sports Moments in Massachusetts

People often say that Boston will never be considered a “college sports town,” but is that totally true? Do the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox, burry the many college sports stories that have or continue to take place in Massachusetts?

Do we find ourselves more attached to star studded players like Tom Brady, David Ortiz and Kevin Garnett, instead of the young men named Dave Shinskie, Chris Connolly or Anthony Gurley?

No matter what, college sports do indeed live here in Boston and with that being said, here are just a few great moments that have occurred in the state of Massachusetts.

“The Game”: Harvard vs. Yale – Trailing by two touchdowns with 42 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Harvard rallied to score 16 points and tie the Bulldogs, 29-29. Following the game, the Harvard Crimson, (student paper), printed the headline, “Harvard beats Yale, 29-29.” This game was also significant because it was the first loss that Yale’s quarterback, Brian Dowling had experienced since his early playing days in middle school. Also, this marked the only tie between these two colleges.



Jerry York’s 800th Collegiate Win Jerry York, head coach of the Boston College Eagles hockey team, earned this special milestone in Worcester on March 29, 2008, as his team defeated the University of Minnesota, 5-2. York would eventually earn his 850th win on April 10, 2010, when the Eagles defeated University of Wisconsin, 5-0. York is one of the most recognized college hockey coaches in the NCAA and has been a major factor in helping Boston College earn three Tournament Championships in the last 10-years.



Jimmy Bartolotta’s point total: Jimmy Bartolotta was a star basketball player for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), from 2005-2009 and was also a well-respected NEWMAC (New England Men’s and Women’s Athletic Conference) athlete. In February of 2009, Bartolotta earned his 2,000th career point against the Lyons of Wheaton College and eventually finished his playing career with a total of 2,279 points. Bartolotta continues to this day to remain leading scorer in MIT basketball history.


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