Happy Holidays Boston Sports 2010!

In 2009, Noontime Sports assisted Santa Claus with his naughty or nice list in regards to the various Boston athletes, coaches and owners, so why not do that once again, especially on Christmas Day. So, while you are in the midst of drinking eggnog, unwrapping presents and singing “Jingle Bells,” here is our updated 2010 holiday list, enjoy!

Theo Epstein: Maybe we shouldn’t call this guy, especially since he just dished out a couple million dollars to sign both Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, but are the Red Sox World Series bound in 2011? Quite possibly, but overall, we would consider Theo somewhat… NICE!

Tom Brady: Despite his Justin Bieber haircut, Brady has been a machine this entire season and has led the Patriots to a current record of [12-2]. The Patriots are back on top of the NFL as the best team in the league, but while Brady may not take all the credit, he certainly deserves it. So, how would we classify this man on a holiday … definitely NICE!

Randy Moss: A former Patriots receiver, then a Minnesota Viking for four games and now a member of Jeff Fisher’s Tennessee Titans … gives him a NAUGHTY award!

The Big Three (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett): The Boston Celtics have won 14 in a row and will look to make it 15 on Saturday, as they take on the reconstructed Orlando Magic, but overall, these three players or should I say, the real “Big Three,” have helped the green and white dominate their opponents. So, overall, we believe that these guys are…NICE!

Los Angles Lakers: After writing about the 2010-2011 Boston Celtics, primarily their “Big Three,” you knew that the Lakers were next on our NAUGHTY or NICE list, so what is our answer…NAUGHTY! After sending the Green and White home in June from California without a trophy certainly left the impression that Los Angles is all about causing trouble and havoc for Boston, which makes them not nice at all, but instead, VERY NAUGHTY!

Philadelphia Flyers: If we listed one team, why not list another, the Philadelphia “Knock-em-out” Flyers. After trailing the Boston Bruins 3-0 in the second round the 2010 NHL playoffs, the Flyers fought back to beat the black and gold, as well as eventually earn a trip to face the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL Stanley Cup. So, without further ado it is rather easy to sat that this team is serious and definitely… NAUGHTY!

Other NAUGHTY notables include: Jonathan Papelbon (Boston Red Sox), John Lackey (Boston Red Sox), Jermaine O’Neal (Boston Celtics), Colin Campbell (NHL Vice President & Director of Operations) and Laurence Maroney (Former New England Patriot/Current Denver Bronco).

Other NICE notables include: Shaquille O’Neal (Boston Celtics), Deion Branch (New England Patriots), Danny Woodhead (New England Patriots) and Tyler Seguin (Boston Bruins).

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