10 Great 2010 Sports Moments

With 2010 coming to a close and 2011 on the horizon, it is time to take a trip down memory lane and remember some great moments that happened in the sports world.

1.) The New Orleans Saints defeat the Indianapolis Colts to win their first ever Super Bowl.


2.) It was quite an exciting Winter Olympics, but for all the Americans, this final goal is something that should be forgotten, as Sidney Crosby helped Canada capture the gold medal.


3.) San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson saved the day and helped his team earn their first World Series championship in California.

4.) The Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and Rajon Rondo made an impressive move for the ages during Game 4, which truly is pure awesomeness.

5.) The Philadelphia Flyers stormed back against the Boston Bruins to capture the playoff series, as well as eventually earn a trip to the 2010 Stanley Cup.

6.) The Los Angles Lakers and Boston Celtics always make the NBA Finals interesting, but this time the Green and White would be unsuccessful and lose a decisive Game 7.

7.) The Chicago Blackhawks had not won an NHL Stanley Cup since 1961, but something special happened in 2010 and in the end, they were certainly crowned champions.

8.) After losing Games 4/5/6, LeBron James decided to go on national television to announce his decision to sign with the Miami Heat.

9.) Tiger Woods eventually had to apologize to his fans and the public, so he did that on national television.

10.) Not only did the Olympics occur in 2010, but so did the World Cup and who won this round? Here is a hint, it wasn’t America (Team USA), but instead … Spain!

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