Enough Talking, Let’s Just Play!

The anticipation for this Sunday’s Patriots-Jets matchup keeps on brewing. Jets players have continued to constantly state their personal feelings toward quarterback Tom Brady or head coach Bill Belichick, but exactly, what does that accomplish? How much talking, complaining or irrelevant comments do we need to keep on reading or hearing about on a daily basis? Can’t we just play this game now rather than wait until Sunday?

Who wouldn’t want to see Rex Ryan and his New York Jets come marching into Gillette Stadium on a bone chilling Thursday evening in Massachusetts? Who wouldn’t want to see Tom Brady pointing toward the Jets sideline after a touchdown pass to Danny Woodhead or Wes Welker? Who wouldn’t want to be in the stands, dressed from head to toe in ski gear and throwing snow in the air, as the Patriots celebrate another playoff victory?

The anticipation continues to build every second as the 4:30pm kick-off approaches, although the more we hear or read about this particular game, the more we want it to happen now, rather than Sunday.

What makes this game so appealing has probably a lot to do with Ryan and his comments that he made toward the Patriots. Hearing that this particular matchup, compared to the two other regular season contests is “personal,” seems rather strange and bizarre, right?

What exactly is so “personal” or why even use this word? Is it that Belichick has three Super Bowl rings? Is it that Brady and Belichick appear to be the modern day version of Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw?

Explain yourself Rex, why is this matchup so “personal?”

Yet, what would Rex say in response to all these comments? Probably something along the lines of, “Well… because… I didn’t come here to kiss Belichick’s rings.”

Besides Rex, could we get some clarification from Antonio Cromartie, who flat out said  that he doesn’t like Tom Brady, yet never truly explained his dislike for the three-time Super  Bowl champion. Cromartie has faced Brady twice this season, but probably remembers that  2006 AFC Divisional game between the Patriots-Chargers quite well, especially because he  was on the losing end of it.

How come we haven’t heard much out of running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who usually always has a comment about Belichick, Brady or the Patriots, but apparently none as of recently?

Should we expect quarterback Mark Sanchez or wide receiver Braylon Edwards to say something soon?

All in all, the Jets talking has allowed the Patriots the opportunity to laugh, let loose and smile, but also, remain focused on the task at hand, which is to win and advance to the 2010 AFC Championship game. I didn’t say the Super Bowl because as Patriots fans know, it is one game at a time, not two.

The Patriots have faced the Jets twice in the postseason and have beaten them both times, so should we assume this one is in the bag? Possibly, but if the Jets stop talking then we may not know the answer, but for the time being, get excited and keep that enthusiasm going because we should be in for a laugh riot on our hands Sunday, as long as Rex and his boys keep on talking.

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