Kevin Tuve Podcast (1/17/11)

Kevin Tuve returned to the microphone on Monday January 17, 2011, to discuss the New England Patriots loss to the New York “Football” Jets, as well as touched on a few CanAm League baseball topics. Tuve was also joined this evening Matt Noonan and Chris from New Jersey.

One thought on “Kevin Tuve Podcast (1/17/11)

  1. Marc Eramo February 25, 2011 / 6:30 PM

    What does Pittsfield being on any “Bostonian’s map” have to do with anything? And where do you get the idea that the league can just replace Pittsfield or Rockland with Sussex? If Buddy Lewis wants to lose money in Pittsfield, he owns the team, that’s his perogative. As for attendance, Pittsfield regularly drew 2000+ in the 90s when the city was economically worse off than it is now. Sure the Mets were affiliated, but city fans knew that team wasn’t going anywhere. That’s not the case anymore. Five teams have called Pittsfield home since 2001. That sort of revolving door breeds cynicism and disinterest. And one last point. Quebec City is ten times larger than Pittsfield (bigger still if you compare metro areas), but only managed to outdraw Pittsfield 5 to 1. I know it doesn’t equate into dollars, but in relative terms Pittsfield outdrew the entire league with a mere average attendance of 702. So consider those 1990’s attendance figures and the fact that General Dynamics is bringing 500 engineering jobs to Pittsfield, and the uphill climb the Colonials are facing doesn’t look quite as steep as the 2010 average attendance figures suggests. Bostonian “maps” don’t figure into this at all.

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