The Hated American Athletes


Believe it or not, Tom Brady is a hated American athlete, but why?

By Andy Lindberg

It’s funny how we choose to hate athletes.  Sometimes we hate them because of off the field issues.  Sometimes it’s because they talk too much trash and other times it’s because they’re just too good at what they do.

A poll commissioned by the Hollywood Reporter has revealed the NFL’s most disliked players.  Topping the list is Brett Favre, the dong-revealing serial waffler who went from mid-90’s golden boy to the weakest link. Right behind Favre is Michael Vick (again, no surprise) and at the three spot is Tom Brady, which is followed by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

Wait.  What?

Fans dislike Brady more than they dislike Roethlisberger?

How many times was Antonio Cromartie allowed to vote in this poll?

I’m a homer and love Brady, but I do stand by my ethics?

When it was rumored that the Patriots were interested in Michael Vick, I stated then to Matt Noonan, (the host of Noontime Sports the Podcast) that I would have to find a new team to root for until he was no longer on the roster.  I wasn’t kidding about that, but instead, dead serious!

Roethlisberger goes out and gets accused of sexual assault, not once, but twice.  I can give these guys the benefit of the doubt once because let’s face it; athletes are targeted all the time, but the second time is way too much.  It wasn’t that Roethlisberger couldn’t have been the victim of a scheme for a second time, but to put yourself in these situations over and over?  Not to mention the evidence pretty much showed he was being a scumbag.

But really?  In that list you have an old man who could be on “To Catch A Predator”, a dog killer, and a man accused not once, but twice of sexual assault.  Then you have Tom Brady.

Model dater, MVP, three-time Super Bowl winner, fiend!

I know why people hate Tom Brady, which is because he has the life they all wish they had and they hate him because of the Tom Brady rule. I’m fairly certain the rule states that if you in any way touch the quarterback, you get 15 yards and a fine at minimum.

And we all know that Brady meant to get hurt and miss an entire year, right?

Please, we have illegal contact because Peyton Manning got mad that the  Patriots dared to touch his receivers during the 2004 AFC Championship game.    That’s called the Peyton Manning rule.  It’s five yards and an automatic first  down, the approximate amount of yardage Manning feels safe throwing on any  given down against a solid team.

How is Manning not in the top four?  Why is Brady more hated?

More rings.

It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the more championship rings you  possess, they more hated you are.  Derek Jeter is a prime example of this.  The  guy has never done anything off the field, (that we know about) to sully his image  and has a ring for each finger on one hand.  That is why Jeter is hated.  He is  hated because he seems too perfect.  He is hated because he wins.  America loves  winners, but not certain winners.  It sounds all too Animal Farm-y.  Everyone is  equal, but some are more equal than others, no?

But is Jeter more hated than his scummy teammate Alex Rodriguez?  Impossible.  It cannot happen.  It would be a travesty if fans were that warped.

Then why are fans so warped that they hate Brady more than Roethlisberger?  I’m not trying to launch a mass appeal to the fans begging them to hate Roethlisberger more and Brady less; I’m genuinely confused.

So if you’re reading this un-edited, un-organized, sloppy written blog by a first-grade teacher, please comment and tell the Noontime Sports community why this is happening.  I don’t want to hear from Brady lovers (or even Brady likers) and your misguided and smug educational guesses (for they probably sound just like mine).  I want to hear from those of you who have a seething unnatural hatred toward Tom Brady.  I want you to tell me why he is more disliked than Roethlisberger and why he is on a list with a dude who did serious prison time.

So, feel free to send your thoughts on America’s hated athletes to (

This article was submitted and written by Andy Lindberg, who hosts a weekly sports podcast, “The Andy Lindberg Show,” as well as contributes commentary pieces and blogs to (

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