Terrific Tom Earns His Second AP Offensive Player Award

Ask any New England Patriots fan their thoughts or opinions on quarterback Tom Brady and an immediate response would be, “He is awesome.” Keep asking those fans about all the Super Bowls and hardware that he has won and earned over the past few seasons and they’ll respond by saying, “Simply, he is the best.”

Brady maybe considered the best or greatest quarterback to have worn a Patriots uniform, but on Tuesday, his legacy continued to grow even more when he was awarded his second AP Offensive Player Award in four seasons. The gunslinger recorded 36 touchdown passes, four interceptions and strung together 355 passes in a row.

It almost seemed as if he was a shoe-in for this award, especially because he chose to ignore the various distractions of Randy Moss or Logan Mankins and forced himself to have not just a great season, but a fantastic one.

Brady appeared invincible at times, even God like, as he carried his teammates and offense to an impressive [14-2] record. Not only did he help the Patriots continue to their success, but also, set them up for an easy road to the Super Bowl, which didn’t exactly happen.

Besides their upsetting loss to their rival, New York Jets, Brady accomplished quite a lot this season, but so did his entire offensive and defensive units. Not only does he deserve the credit for this award, but also, so does the entire coaching staff, Bill Belichick and every player who studied harder than the typical NFL stars.

The Patriots represent the true meaning of “hard-work,” which clearly starts at the top with their owner, Bob Kraft. He has instilled this concept that working exceptionally hard on and off the field will make his workers and players better people in our modern day society.

Hmm… couldn’t that be said for Mr. Brady, who clearly has exhibited the meaning of hard work? I think so!

Who would have expected a sixth round draft pick in 2000 to become the star that he is today? Did anyone expect Brady to lead the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win, as well as two more?

All in all, this special award not only represents the work he accomplished this season, but also, for everything he has done with the organization. Brady is a clear front-runner for the Hall of Fame, but after receiving this award for the second time in his career, it is certainly an honor that he’ll relish for years to come.

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