Dan Libon: Thoughts on Super Bowl XLV

By Dan Libon

Super Bowl XLV was a failure. From the botched seating plan to the Black Eyed Peas forgetting how to sing, (if they ever knew how to from the start), but it’s safe to say that America’s Game will not be coming back to Jerry Jones‘s colosseum  anytime soon.

Watching the game, I immediately thought there was no real Super Bowl feeling in the air. Perhaps, it was that feeling deep down that if Bill Belichick had a better game plan for the Patriots against the New York Jets in January, then they would have most likely had been playing for their fourth title in franchise history, but that is besides the point.

Dallas has a reputation for wanting the biggest and the best when it comes to football, but why exactly did things go wrong on Sunday? It’s really simple, Jones has a tendency to not care about the individual experience and just wants an overall big record crowd. It didn’t matter that most of those people couldn’t see the game because Jones doesn’t care if people walk away with a bad experience as long as it means that he has the record.

Even knowing this, it is still a surprise and shock that seats had to be taken down and ticket holders were refused access into the game.

The NFL had announced that the 400 ticket holders were not allowed into this game will go to the Super Bowl next year on the league’s dime and they will be refunded three times the face value of their ticket. That’s a very nice gesture, but you still have to feel bad for those 850 people that had to watch from the Party Pass section instead of their actual seats.

There is not much to say about the halftime show that hasn’t already been said because the Black Eyed Peas apparently needed  advanced audio technology to makes their vocals sound amazing. Not even a second after Will.I.Am opened his mouth, did America cringe when hearing the auto-tuned laced vocals. Not even a guest appearance by Slash saved the performance. Hearing Fergie sing “Sweet Child O’Mine” was not terrible nor was it bad, but it could be described as “terri-bad.”

Give the NFL credit for trying to entertain us with a musical act that is relevant but next time try to bring out some one that can “wow” us visually and vocally. Bring in Beyonce because you know she can do it and leave us with a show to remember.

This Super Bowl was destined to fail. From the falling ice in the middle of the week to Christina Aguilera apparently debuting the new version of the National Anthem. Is there any real reason that the NFL should return to Dallas for the big game? Jerry Jones exhibited the fact that on the biggest stage in sports, he certainly doesn’t care about the little people or the ones who weren’t able to actually watch the game from their original seats.

So, what do I propose? How about we hand the Super Bowl keys over to Patriots owner Robert Kraft who could certainly host it at Gillette Stadium, but also, be a more considerable host than Mr. Jones.

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  1. Dan, a Super Bowl in New England would be as successful as the one is going to be in East Rutherford NJ in 2014. And that is, it won’t or would not be! The Super Bowl was NEVER intended to be in a cold weather city/region, unless they have a dome (i.e. Detroit) And on top of that, rain has seriously impacted the Super Bowl exactly once! I agree with your comments on how poorly the Cowboys handled Super Bowl XLV, but come on, no cold weather games, keep it indoors on a neutral field where the weather would have no impact.

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