Boston Knocks Out Montreal, 8-6

By Matt Noonan 

BOSTON, Mass. — Wednesday’s Boston BruinsMontreal Canadiens game was not your typical hockey game.

In a way, it surpassed other crazy or strange moments within the game that saw players like Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek participated in seven years earlier on the Fenway Park infield. Others, might consider what we witnessed on the same level of Kevin McHale‘s close-line of Kurt Rambis.

But once the TD Garden horn sounded for the final time, Wednesday’s malay between two fierce rivals concluded with the scoreboard reading the following: Boston 8, Montreal 6.

“Winning a game like that had to be entertaining for the fans,” said Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas. “It was a weird one to be in (for sure, but) I don’t think anybody saw that coming,”

Wednesday’s contest was not your typical National Hockey League (NHL) affair. Instead, fans of the Bllack and Gold were treated to an old fashion hockey fight — more than one, to be exact with jabbing and jarring, along with more than one goal being scored.

“It (was) a good win, a good win for us,” said Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien.

Boston and Montreal finished the game by combining for 14 goals, 24 assists and 77 shots on net. Both teams had additional opportunities to light the lamp on 14 power plays with the men dressed in Red, White, and Blue having more success than those skaters wearing Black and Yellow.

The Bruins were able to watch Milan Lucic and Michael Ryder combine for half of their point total with the two skaters scoring two goals apiece, while 10 other players, including members of the Canadiens, scoring at least one goal.

“We could have been better defensively you don’t want to give up that many goals against (a good team like Montreal),” said Boston Bruins defeseman Adam McQuaid.

“At the same time, we were able to create a lot of offense and it was a pretty physical game, so I guess that everybody could probably agree that it was a more exciting game to watch than a 1-0 game.”

Not only did this game feature a lot of physical hockey, but it also included a fight between both team’s goalie, which is something fans don’t normally witness. And it was something Thomas noted after the game ended — “I’ve been playing a long, it’s just never a situation where it’s worked out like that, but it did.”

Added Julien, “You never like to see your goaltender get into (a fight) … it’s the heat of the game and they’re both willing combatants (so) you live with it.”

While Wednesday’s game was far from your typical hockey game with fewer goals and penalties, it was a reminder that this rivalry is still alive and well.

“There’s a rivalry that exists between these two teams (and) it’s still there, so we came out and played our game. I thought we did a good job of getting pucks behind (the Canadiens defense), and had good support and were able to score eight goals,” said Julien.

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