Boston Sports Rivalry Marathon

By Matt Noonan

It almost seems like a dream. Boston sports fans not only have had one night of Bruins-Canadiens, but now, get a second one featuring Celtics-Lakers.

Why not get excited for another classic showdown at the TD Garden on Thursday? Shouldn’t we all be thrilled, especially since some Bostonians have yet to forgive Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for their awful loss to the New York Jets in January?

The month of February can often be an exciting 28-days in the Hub, but due to no Patriots attendance or victory in Super Bowl XLV, fans have been forced to resort to Bruins hockey, Celtics basketball, local college sports or counting down the days to April 1st, which is when the Red Sox begin their 2011 MLB season in Arlington, Texas.

Yet, after an exciting affair on Wednesday, shouldn’t fans be even more excited or revved up for another rendition of part two of the Boston sports rivalry tour?

The Boston Celtics and Los Angles Lakers rivalry is real, but often times it can seem a bit over hyped. Although, after their past two meetings over the last three years in the NBA Finals, it just seems that almost every game is hyped to the extreme.

When players such as Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant step onto the same parquet, shouldn’t every NBA fan or Bostonian get “jacked up?”

It is easy to understand that Celtics fans may or may not want to get into this particular game this evening because hey, it won’t declare a national champion once the buzzer sounds. In fact, if the Celtics lost, would the entire city be devastated on Friday morning?

Would it really be a bad thing if the Lakers even the current season series, (1-1) or do Celtics fans really need revenge from last summers NBA Finals collapse?

As for the Lakers, their current season hasn’t been anything spectacular, but instead, its just been a wild roller coaster and now, with a possible trade on the table to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets, it almost seems as if the Gold and Purple people are desperate to earn their 17th NBA championship.

Although, put the records, trades and statistics aside and just realize that come Friday morning, Boston will have been able to be the home to a 48-hour marathon of two great rivalries.

How great would it have been if the Jets-Patriots and Red Sox-Yankees were able to play Friday or Saturday, wouldn’t that just be a dream come true?

As sports fans, we all love watching great rivals, but having this golden opportunity is something special. Possibly we need to all thank the sports Gods or schedule makers for allowing the city to enjoy some quality sports for two nights in a row.

So, forgive the Patriots and understand that they are human too and just enjoy a special treat because this won’t occur very often. In fact, its almost like this is our own version of Halley’s Comet, which only occurs every 75-76 years, so while your waiting for that to come around, just make sure you find a television or radio, so you can enjoy the second night of another quality Boston sports rivalry.

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