Tim Thomas vs. Carey Price, Goalie Fight Description

In case you missed the Boston Bruins game on Wednesday, you may want to watch this particular video, as well as read Tim Thomas’s explanation and description of his fight with Montreal Canadiens goaltender, Carey Price.

Tim Thomas: “He was more than willing to fight and I had this big whole plan, I was going to grab his right and I was going to throw left because I know he’s bigger and taller than me and has a reach on me and I thought I could do a better job at throwing lefts than him and when we went to grab he got a good hold on my right arm and I got nothing, so then I was like, oh, now what do I do. I tried to switch arms, keep my right free, grab him by the back of the shirt. Then when he threw the right I [tried] to pull him off balance and his shirt came off over his head and I fell and actually as I was falling my left arm came free, but then it was over. He fought with the fighters manners as far as not hitting when your down [on the [ice].”

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