Bruins GM Chiarelli comments on Kelly and future Trades

BOSTON, MA – The Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli addressed the media late Tuesday evening to discuss a trade that the organization had conducted, which sent a second round draft pick for the upcoming 2011 NHL Draft to the Ottawa Senator in exchange for center Chris Kelly.

“When you go out into the market and there’s rentals, there’s good things and bad things to rentals, the bad thing is you don’t know if you’ll be able to resign him. Chris [Kelly] you have for at least another year, which is a good thing,” said Chiarelli. “We think this is a good [acquisition]. We have a lot of uncertainty with Marc Savard, so this helps us in that sense too,” said Chiarelli.

Yet, while the trade deadline date looms and is now only is only 12-days away, Chiarelli has made it clear that the team is still contemplating a trade for a defenseman.”

“Well I’ve been pretty public in saying I’d like to get a defenseman, so that’s still in the works,” Said Chiarelli.  “I think it’s just a solid defenseman that can log some minutes and there are some out there like that, solid two-way defensemen. There are other defensemen also, different types of defensemen. It’s hard to find a match as far as a team that is willing to maybe trade just for futures. There are different routes to get to that defenseman, but there are some decent options.”

The NHL trade deadline is February 28, so the Bruins do have time to acquire some new players, but in the meantime, Boston will look to put an end to their current three game losing streak Thursday against the New York Islanders.

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