Daily Noontime – February 21, 2011

Well, here we are, the last week of February, which means this nasty, cold and snowy weather will hopefully fade away, right? Ok, we are optimistic people here at Noontime Sports, but the one thing you can always count on is our Daily Noontime, so here it is and have a super day!


* Trevor Bayne, who is just 20-years old, happened to win Sunday’s Daytona 500, not bad, right?

* Kobe Bryant scored 37-points, plus won the MVP, as he led the West past the East, 148-143.

* While the NFL lockout remains just a few weeks from now, it appears that both sides are on talking terms in regards to a new CBA, which is good.

* Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is indeed the newest coach, but who did he turn to for advice, Mike Krzyzewski.

* New York Mets manager Terry Collins has told the media that he is going to put a limit on card games in the clubhouse this season.

* This is not a good thing to report as a college baseball player by the name Cory Hahn was seriously injured when he slid into second base during a game on Sunday.

* Don’t consider them the best team in America anymore, as the Ohio State Buckeyes lost to Purdue on Sunday and certainly will drop in the polls.

Games to Watch:

* Chicago at St. Louis (NHL) – 2:00pm eastern

* Washington at Pittsburgh (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Nothing like a little team effort on the chalk toss!

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