Daily Noontime – February 28, 2011

Are the Knicks for real? It seems so!

Happy Monday to everyone and welcome to a brand new week, as well as the final day of February 2011! March is upon us, but before March 1st, here is your daily news, headlines and video of the day!


* Who said that Carmelo Anthony being traded to the New York Knicks was wrong? Apparently they won a statement game in Miami on Sunday, so don’t sleep on the Knicks.

* The Indianapolis Colts and quarterback Peyton Manning are talking about a new contract, but the CBA continues to be a major factor.

* A true MLB Hall of Famer and member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Duke Snider died on Sunday at the age of 84.

* What a weekend for Louisville basketball, as they knocked off yet another major foe on Sunday and let’s say it was a major upset!

* The Golden State Warriors have indeed bought out Troy Murphy‘s contract, which means the “big man” could find himself with the Boston Celtics.

* Former Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton seems to either be on or off when it comes to football, but in all honesty, is he really worth drafting?

Games to Watch:

* Atlanta at Denver (NBA) – 9:00pm eastern

* Boston at Utah (NBA) – 9:00pm eastern

* Detroit at Los Angles (NHL) – 10:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Shouldn’t actors and actresses know how to talk at the Oscars?

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