Are the Boston Bruins for real? Any thoughts on a Stanley Cup?

By Matt Noonan

Every sports fan knows that Boston is the home of champions or at least, the runners up, right? Sure, the past few seasons have been quite enjoyable as fans have been able to relish the fact that the Boston Celtics and Red Sox, as well as New England Patriots are not just competitors, but also, winners.

As of recently it seems that the Boston Bruins are joining that mix and whether you’d like to accept them or not, you might want to consider their most recent success on the road.

For the past week and a half, the Bruins not only left the comforts of their home TD Garden locker room, but spent one night in Long Island, New York before venturing across Canada, where they steamrolled all of their opponents.

So, what should be said about these Bruins? Are they possibly a legit team or contender?

It maybe too early to state that, but make sure you remember those words, especially if that special day does occur.

Although, will the Bruins continue their success against Tampa Bay on Thursday or will they have to rely on their other TD Garden resident, the Boston Celtics to keep on winning, so they can remain in their shadow, especially if the Black and Gold start losing.

It isn’t apparent or definite that the Bruins will immediately resort back to their old ways, where they couldn’t win face-offs or capitalize on power plays, but let’s all not get too confident because again, it was only six-games.

There is still a lot of hockey remaining before the Stanley Cup playoffs begin in April, so don’t get too excited because often times the Bruins can let us down and certainly, it does hurt, doesn’t it?

Does everyone remember what happened last April and May? The Bruins not only stumbled into the playoffs as a the sixth seed, but stunned the city of Boston by beating Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres.

Their next opponent was the seventh seeded Philadelphia Flyers, a team that not only has some history with the Black and Gold, but also was an admirable opponent. After jumping out to a 3-0 series lead, the Bruins fell apart completely, as they allowed the Flyers to become the Red Sox of the NHL and win a seven-game series.

The loss was embarrassing and still is hard to swallow today, so if the Bruins are indeed for real, then possibly, they need to win the Stanley Cup now.

Don’t extend the current championship drought any longer and let’s see the city of Boston rejoice with the Bruins this June.

Couldn’t you see Mayor Thomas Menino and Governor Deval Patrick shaking hands with Bruins greats, such as Cam Neely or Bobby Orr? Possibly, fans could witness the team’s general manager Peter Chiarelli high fiving every Black and Gold supporter and maybe, just maybe, the Celtics would honor Bill Russell with a statue on that same day?

Wait, what did I say?

I’ll save the Bill Russell comment for another day, but in all honesty, hasn’t this current road trip got you thinking Stanley Cup? I know I have, but again, these are the Boston Bruins and anything can certainly happen.

The Bruins will end their 2010-2011 season on the road against the New Jersey Devils on April 10, which means that the second season of hockey is upon us, but again, lets take it one day it a time because the city of Boston is used to having their hearts broken.


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