Daily Noontime – March 4, 2011

Just seems like the NFL will be locked out soon!

Well, here is another Friday and weekend, wahoo! So, let’s kick off the weekend on the right foot with your Daily Noontime, so here is your daily dose of news, headlines and video of the day!


* The NFL extended its CBA and Lockout talks for an additional 24-hours, but really, is this going to change anything?

* While the NFL and NFLPA figure out if there will indeed a be a season in 2011, various teams are locking up players. The San Diego Chargers officially have signed former Indianapolis Colts safety, Bob Sanders.

* According to Sacramento’s mayor, seems like the Kings will be “likely” moving.

* Sure, the NFL may have CBA issues, but so does the MLB believe it or not.

* When first or third base coaches attempt to assist their team on the base path, it may not be a bad thing to watch the game, so they don’t get hit in the head or face.

* Could the NBA and its fans consider New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul the next coming of Utah Jazz great, John Stockton?

* It was quite an exciting one in Florida Thursday, as the Orlando Magic rallied to beat the Miami Heat, 99-96.

Games to Watch:

* Chicago at Orlando (NBA) – 7:00pm eastern

* Oklahoma City at Atlanta (NBA) – 7:30pm eastern

* Miami at San Antonio (NBA) – 9:30pm eastern

* Dallas at Anaheim (NHL) – 10:00pm eastern

Video of the Day:

President Barack Obama tells the Union that he will not get involved with the NFL CBA talks!

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