POLL QUESTION: Who is the next team to win a championship in Boston?

It is indeed time for our weekly poll, so rather than ask about the NFL Lockout, BYU student athletes or the Miami Heat, here is today’s question. The Boston Bruins and Celtics are currently on a hot streak, but with baseball season rapidly approaching and who knows when Tom Brady and the Patriots will be playing next, but in your opinion, which amongst the four teams will win the next championship? Will it be the Bruins? Celtics? Red Sox or Patriots? Cast your vote!

One thought on “POLL QUESTION: Who is the next team to win a championship in Boston?”

  1. Pretty interesting how this is actually a tough call. At the moment, Boston has success in all four major sports. With some competition from Chicago (aside from the Cubs), Boston has got to be the most successful sports city right now. With the big free agent acquisitions this off-season, I would have to say the Red Sox may win it all this year. The Celtics are having a great season, but they won’t hold up towards the end of the season against teams like the Spurs, Bulls, or even the Mavs, but we’ll see…

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