One thought on “Should Zdeno Chara be Suspended?”

  1. This is a tough call. I do not believe Chara’s intent was to almost kill the guy, but at the same time, if any Bruin received the same hit, us B’s fans would be out for blood. The league needs to be crystal clear on what constitutes a suspension or not. In this case, I believe due to the extent of the injury there must be a suspension if only for the reason of letting players know to be careful with hits in certain areas of the rink. That said, the suspension should be no more than 2 games given Chara’s clean history as a player. If this were a goon like Matt Cooke, it would obviously require a more strict sentence given his sordid history of poor play. It’s unfortunate this happened, but given the bad blood between these two teams, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to the the next game between these two teams erupt with fighting.

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