Bad Referee Calls

On behalf of the big news on Thursday regarding the referees that possibly blew or made the wrong call during an important Big East tournament game that coasted Rutgers University their chance to advance in the conference tournament, we thought, why not take a stroll down memory and witness some other awful calls that had serious impacts on games and teams.

1.) In the NFL there has been some awful calls over the past few seasons, but one team thats has endured some really bad calls is the Denver Broncos. Did Broncos quarter Jay Cutler‘s pass hit the ground or was it caught by Brandon Stokley?


2.) Sure, referees are people and often make mistakes too, but do they deserve to get punched in the face during a game?


3.) What happens when referees favor one team or school over the other? Not quite sure, but in this particular video, Duke received an extra offensive opportunity as a gift, instead of retreating back onto defense.


4.) Remember when the Cutler and the Broncos technically fumbled the ball… or … did they actually throw a forward pass? Well, needless to say, NFL’s top official, Ed Hochuli seemed uncertain after the play was ruled dead.


5.) Ever wonder what happens when high school basketball players disagree with the referees? Similar to the pros, it can get messy and strange real quick.


6.) Even the players get upset when the referee doesn’t make the right calls, especially the Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows.


7.) Remember the World Cup in June and July of 2010? Remember when Team USA was snubbed due to the referees? Certainly Landon Donovan wasn’t happy.


8.) Did you happen to see a foul recorded by the Detroit Pistons? Seemed like the Orlando Magic showed off some acting in quite an impressive play that led to two free foul shots.


9.) Wasn’t Duke’s Greg Paulus clearly out of bounds on this particular play? How did the referees not see this?


10.) One of the best things about watching the referees make bad calls is hearing what the announcers have to say, which in this case, Boston Celtics color commentator and former NBA great, Tommy Heinsohn, really shared his “two cents.”

One thought on “Bad Referee Calls”

  1. I was watcheing the ND-Uconn girls game. Once again, officials decided a basketball game late regulation time
    by giving the ball away to ND on a manufactured foul Let the girls pay! Do youthink I have nothing better to do?
    Mark Szamatulski

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