Noonan: This Sox Losing Streak Will End

Can the Red Sox rebound from their slow start?

By Matt Noonan

It’s official; the Boston Red Sox are going to lose more than a 100-games this season. There, I said it. I just wrote that the Red Sox will lose 100-games, is that a problem? Are you going to attack me for that ridiculous comment? Is it fair to predict 100 losses?

Let’s face it, the Sox looked awful against Texas this weekend, as the Rangers completely outplayed and scored Boston, 26-11.

All three starting pitchers, Jon Lester, John Lackey and Clay Buchholz, as well as other member of the pitching staff allowed 11 home runs combined, but that is a statistic that one shouldn’t be proud of any day.

The offense, yes, it showed some light, especially David Ortiz who finished the three-game series with two home runs and four RBI’s.

Newcomer Adrian Gonzalez clearly was worth the money, as he finished the weekend with five hits, two runs, three RBI’s and one stolen base.

Meanwhile, Carl Crawford and Jarrod Saltalamacchia look like they need an additional week of training in Florida. Crawford finished the series with two hits and one RBI, but Salty certainly looked lost, but hey, he’ll bounce back, right? Didn’t Dustin Pedroia rebound after a slow start in ’07?

Yet, why sit here and criticize a team that has only played three games. Three games.

Should I be allowed to question a team that clearly will rebound and earn a few wins this week?

I believe this “funk” will end, but again, three games won’t break a season that has so much promise.

They most likely won’t lose 100-games, maybe 50 or 75, but really, 100-games? Can they actually win 100-games?

The last time the Sox won at least 100-games was in 1946 and surely, all Bostonians know how that season turned out, right? It was a year that the Sox to thought they could bring an end to their “Bambino curse,” but those pesky St. Louis Cardinals, as well as Enos Slaughter, shattered all the hopes, as they defeated the team from New England, four games to three.

The lofty goal is out there and clearly the Sox have to feel some pressure to win 100-games. When the media predicts an amazing season, as well as a World Series victory there is always pressure, but did any analysts see a three-game losing streak coming?

Please tell me that someone, at least someone in the organization was contemplating their division title hopes this past weekend, but then had another official assure them, it is just one series and that the season has just begun.

Certainly the hype for this season will continue, especially since there are a variety of new faces and members of the organization, but let’s be completely honest, are we a tad bit concerned? Is anyone actually worried that the Red Sox will lose 162-games in a row?

That has never happened, so please, get that image or nasty thought out of your head because the Sox will rebound, I promise.

Boston travels to Cleveland on Monday and then returns to the comfortable combines of Fenway Park on Friday when they welcome the New York Yankees to town for a three game series.

The Sox won 46 games at Fenway last season, so don’t get too concerned because they will win at least one of these days and end their current losing streak, but who knows when that will occur, right?

Again, the season has just begun, but let’s not hit the panic button just yet, but if the Sox continue to stumble and their pitching continues to pitch batting practice to their opponents, then their 100 wins may seem like a goal that won’t be reached.

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