Bad Boston Sports Starts

The Red Sox better shape up otherwise things could change quickly.

By Matt Noonan

Over the years Boston and its fans have watched their various sports teams, whether it be the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots stumble out of the gate, but usually, prevail. Although, there have been those seasons that started poorly and never finished with a championship.

With the Boston Red Sox 2011 season going somewhat in a different direction than many believed, allow us to examine some of the Bruins, Celtics, Sox and Patriots worst starts.

Boston Bruins: The Boston Bruins are still waiting for that special moment to hoist a Stanley Cup trophy primarily for their younger fans who were born after their fifth championship in 1972 against the New York Rangers. Yet, with the 2010-11 season slowly winding down, the question remains, could this indeed be “the year?”

Although, unlike the 2011 Boston Red Sox, the Bruins didn’t stumble out of the gate in October and November, but as of recently look like the town’s baseball club since they can’t seem to always secure wins. Yet, whatever one’s thoughts on the Bruins are currently, this team certainly can’t compare to the squad that took the ice in 1924, which by far was the worst team in franchise history.

Worst Start: Their first season in the NHL the Bruins began with a win against the Montreal Maroons, but then lost 11-games in a row. They finished the season with just six wins, which clearly upset their fans. Despite their incredibly slow start, the Bruins would eventually win their first Stanley Cup nearly four years later during the 1928-29 campaign, but the debut season was downright awful and something many Bruins fans will remember.

Boston Celtics: Let’s face it, when it comes to Boston sports it is quite easy to say that the Celtics are the equivalent to the New York Yankees. The Green and White own the most banners and trophies compared to the other three teams, but after their most recent NBA championship in 2008 against the Los Angles Lakers, they have been somewhat on the losing end.

Worst Start: Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino hadn’t even “walked through the door,” but instead was most likely  M.L. Carr‘s Celtics finish their worst season in franchise history. The Celtics posted a [2-8] record through their first 10-games and didn’t even record 10 victories before January of 1997. Boston was awful and certainly the laughing stock of the NBA, but when a team wins just 15-games, don’t count on a championship or banner.

Boston Red Sox: No one, absolutely no one expected the Red Sox to slip and fall out of the gate. Despite four losses in a row, the season is far from over.

Worst Start: In 1932, the Sox began their season in a similar way that the 2011 team with a [0-4] record. Yet after playing just 10-games, Boston was looking at a [2-8] record and would finish the season with 43 wins and 111 loses. Doesn’t that record sound like the current day Kansas City Royals or Pittsburgh Pirates?

New England Patriots: The Patriots brought the winning ways back to Massachusetts and the city of Boston in 2002, as they defeated the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl XXXVI. Ever since their dramatic win the torch was past onto the Red Sox and Celtics. Yet, despite an epic failure to finish the ’07 season undefeated, as well as a few bad playoff outings, the Patriots Super Bowl drought from ’05 continues.

Worst Start: In the NFL teams have to win at least 10-games in order to be qualified for a possible playoff berth, but while that goal seemed certainly lofty to the Boston and New England Patriots, the squad from 1990 would be considered the absolute worst of them all with a [1-15] record. The Patriots only win came during week two against the Indianapolis Colts, but despite an early [1-1] record, the Patriots would lose the remainder of their schedule. The Patriots had to go through three quarterbacks, as well as watched the team finish fifth in the AFC East Division.

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