Joe Andruzzi on the Boston Blazers, Football and Overcoming Cancer

By Matt Noonan

BOSTON, MA – Former New England Patriots offensive guard Joe Andruzzi was at the TD Garden on Saturday evening, cheering on the Boston Blazers to a 9-7 win against the Philadelphia Wings, but also was promoting his foundation, the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. A portion of Saturday’s tickets were donated to the foundation in helping cure cancer and providing the support families need.

Andruzzi, a cancer survivor was able to comment on his foundation, as well as express what it meant to partner with the Boston Blazers.

“We’re getting the message out because you don’t know what tomorrow brings,” said Andruzzi. “It takes a toll on you, your bank account, bills and everything. Cancer’s not cheap. I went through my battle with cancer [and] we started the foundation and wanted to help others [who needed] financial assistance.”

“It’s great that we can do this and pay it forward and it’s great being partners with the Boston Blazers. It’s a great thing, it’s a great organization here to partner up [with] and get the awareness out there and see what we’re all about.”

Andruzzi also mentioned that he, as well as his family are big supporters of the Blazers, but also the sports of lacrosse.

“It’s a lot of fun to come watch these guys play, I got three out of four of my kids that are lacrosse players and I myself was a lacrosse player. I love the sport, it’s pretty intense [and] I love watching it,” said Andruzzi.

Lastly, Andruzzi commented on the current situation of the NFL. As a former player, he seemed rather confident that both the players and owners will work out an agreement for a season come September.

“I think when push comes to shove, when we get closer to opening day it’s going to be tough not to have a season,” said Andruzzi. “We’ll see.”

For more information, visit his website, Joe Andruzzi Foundation.

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