Boston Bruins Playoffs: Gionata leads Montreal past Boston, 2-0

Gionata proved to be the difference, as his two goals helped Montreal beat Boston, as well as secure a, 1-0 series lead.

By Matt Noonan

Game one goes to Montreal and now Boston is panicking, right?

The city of Boston has two teams to panic about these days or at least for the next week. Who exactly are these two teams that Boston and New England are concerned about currently? The Bruins and Red Sox.

After watching game one of the Boston Bruins-Montreal Canadiens on Thursday, it seemed almost too easy to distinguish who the better team was in this particular game. The answer… Montreal.

Boston appeared flat and after allowing two goals to Brian Gionata, both in the first and third period, it seemed that yet again, another hopeful year has come and gone, but again, let’s not be cynical.

Let’s look on the brighter side of game one, which included watching Zdeno Chara blast four back-to-back slap shots in the second period, but none of his attempts successfully reached the back of the net or touched pylon.

Another successful part was Montreal’s goalie, Carey Price, who recorded 31-saves between the pipes. Any chance he could get a “stud” award for his performance?

Besides Gionata’s goals, Price’s insane play and Chara missing the back of the net, that’s pretty much what one should take away from game one. Yet, this series has not been won, but if Montreal can steal another game in Boston, wouldn’t it be fair to say that the Canadiens would then have the momentum?


In fact, Claude Julien knows deep down that if his team happens to lose their second game of the series, he, as well as his team is in trouble.

Both the Bruins and Canadiens will return to the TD Garden on Saturday for a 6:00pm face-off, so expect either a more physical game or possibly a Montreal game two victory.

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