Lindberg: Thoughts on the Sox

By Andy Lindberg 

Going [2-4] in the span of a week is lame.

Whenever the Red sox seemed to gain momentum, it was only to be trounced upon. There are few teams that have been as capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory this year as the Red Sox have. They dropped the first two games to Baltimore, the second after erasing a 4-0 deficit on a Kevin Youkilis three-run homer.

The Sox also dropped the first two to Seattle, with Bobby Jenks blowing the first game after a Dice-K Matsuzaka left with a phantom injury that Jason Varitek diagnosed because he saw some weird spin on the ball (gyroball?) and the second game (which I attended) saw the Sox strand 11 base runners in one of the most frustrating offensive performances I have ever watched.

Jenks really did try to blow the third game of the series, but Jed Lowrie and Carl Crawford came cocked, locked, and ready to rock. Lowrie hit a high fly ball to right field and perennial Gold Glove winner Ichiro Suzuki. However, Suzuki lost the ball in the sun and it dropped in for a one out triple. With two out and Lowrie “relaxing” at third base waiting to get stranded, Carl Crawford decided April was weak and that May is where it’s at and delivered a walk off single.

Peter Gammons couldn’t have said it better when he stated that Crawford was the perfect guy to deliver the walk off. This coming week the Sox get no break, they play four against the Los Angles of Anaheim Angels at Fenway Park and game one features Jered Weaver and his 6 wins, as well as absurd 0.99 era. He’s in “beast mode.” Boston follows that up by hosting the Twins for four games on Yawkey Way.

The month of April was a dismal month for the Red Sox to be sure, with the vaunted offense hitting only 22 homer runs and scoring a paltry 107 total runs. The team hit .243 and had a 4.24 total ERA.

But the Sox are undefeated in May. It’s a new month so hopefully we get to see some good baseball from the local nine.

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