Boston Knocks Out The Philadelphia Demons

The Bruins officially ended the 2010 Philadelphia Flyers nightmares on Friday.

By Matt Noonan 

Do you remember what happened last May? Do you? In case you forgot or choose to ignore an important historical moment, allow me to assist.

Last May, Boston experienced an epic collapse, which forced the Black and Gold supporters to watch a 3-0 series lead go down the drain and into the Charles Rivers. The Philadelphia Flyers rallied during the remaining four games of the semi-final series to beat Boston, 4-3.

Philly’s “stud-like” comeback went down in the history books as one of the greatest sports moments in the history of sports.

One year later, the Bruins defied gravity and exercised every remaining demon alive, as they officially swept the Flyers in four games. Yes, they actually beat their nemesis that embarrassed them last year at the TD Garden during Game 7, boy, isn’t payback fun?

Beating Philadelphia was what Boston needed to do and well, they did it. They took care of business and now, the city is celebrating.

Fans in the Hub are raising their glasses and toasting to the city’s most recent success, a Boston Bruins win, but not just any win, it’s a win against Bobby Clarke’s 21st Century sons.

Perhaps the Boston Symphony Orchestra will line up on Cause Way Street on Saturday afternoon and play the TD Garden fan favorite, “Zombie Nation?”

Possibly Mayor Thomas Menino is preparing a speech that he will deliver to the team and its fans on Monday? Hopefully, he’ll get all the names right this time!

Also, somewhere Red Auerbach is lighting up a cigar in honor of the Bruins most recent achievement.

The win against the Philadelphia Flyers is exciting, exuberant and awesome feeling, but while the Eastern Conference Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning is right around the corner, it is certainly appropriate to stand up and cheer, but don’t scream too loud.

Boston hasn’t won any championship or Stanley Cup as of recently, but beating the team that completely humiliated them last year, certainly calls for a celebration.

So while the Bruins celebrate this joyous occasion, as well as join together in their own rendition of “Happy Day’s” while in the locker room, just know that every Bostonian and New Englander will sleep a heck of a lot better these days because the “Nightmare on Causeway Street” is officially over.

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