Lindberg: Thoughts on the NBA, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

Will the NBA Finals ever feature both Kobe and LeBron?

By Andy Lindberg

The NBA finally thought they had it. After years of trying, hoping, praying, LeBron James announced his decision to play for Miami and NBA heads squealed in delight.  Parties were thrown, drinks were drunk, and euphoria ensued.

The NBA was certain they were finally going to see LeBron James and Kobe Bryant meet in the NBA Finals, duke it out in seven games, and see Lil’ Bron Bron assert himself as the second coming of Kobe.

If I could hug Mark Cuban right now, I really would.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an NBA fan by any means, but I support the Boston Celtics and a smattering of players who attended Georgetown University, but overall the institution of professional basketball has become an embarrassing over-indulged spectacle of players who are severely unable to police themselves, and referees who seem to be managing basketball games like they had never even heard of the sport before.

Honestly, they caught a dude who was actively fixing games as a referee, admitted to it, said there were others in on it and yet the NBA does little to nothing to correct the problem (a complete evaluation and overhaul of referees would have been a logical start) and the NBA tries to convince its fans that the sport is clean.

But I digress.  Back to the Lakers getting completely wrecked. It was excellent because I hate on Kobe Bryant. The Dallas Mavericks completely dismantled an aging dynasty, and it seems clear now that the Lakers have a ways to go before they’re legitimate Finals contenders, again.

Kobe vs. Lil’ Bron Bron may never happen, so thank God for small miracles.

It started with the love the sports media gave the two players. There was too much of it. It was as if media outlets had an unquenchable thirst, and Bryant and James were the only drinks that could squelch the agonized parched lips of the headlines.  Then came the puppets. We can all thank Nike for that. Really? Puppets of the two of them? I doubt the NBA could make it any clearer that they were going to try anything and everything to get a Bryant/James Final.

But to this point it is not to be. The sports Gods have spoken, and they are upset with the NBA.

Although one team has been eliminated, James’ squad still maintains a two-games to one lead over the Celtics. I would love nothing more than to see the Celtics come back and bounce LeBron from the playoffs, again.  After that, I really could not care less about what happens.  I just want to see Terrell Owens-sized tears flow from James’ face as he reflects back onto the absurd “Decision” and the equally absurd introduction he got in Miami.

It sounds mean, but let’s be honest, these types of moves kill sports. The Heat became public enemy number one for every other organization in the NBA the millisecond James announced his move. It is unclear if the Celtics have one more push in their decrepit bones to pull out a win, but if they don’t, Miami may have an easy road to the Finals if Chicago goes down.

The Celtics play the Heat in Game 4 tonight at the Garden. Get your ‘Bron hate on!

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  1. Note: the last line got cut off in transition. It’s supposed to read, “Get your Bron hate on.”

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