Noonan: Thoughts on the ongoing NFL Lockout

Roger Goodell continues to watch the NFL Lockout go no-where, but really, what can he do to save his league?

By Matt Noonan 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve provided my “two-cents” on the NFL and although it seems that every day the same stuff is being reported. Although, I do wonder what is it that I can add that the ordinary journalist has yet to report?

Hmmm…. Does anyone have a thought, idea or comment? Would anyone like to help me write this article?

I’m not sure where to begin, but let me first state that the NFL lockout has been a demoralizing experience for fans, players and coaches.

The NFL Draft, which occurred last month wasn’t too exciting, especially when hundreds of “die-hards” started booing commissioner Roger Goodell and chanting in unison, “We Want Football!”

Yet, what could Goodell do, except listen to his loyal supporters, right?

Goodell has told us numerous times that he is indeed a fan of the NFL and wants a season to be played in September, but again, will it actually happen? Will Goodell take a page out of Harry Potter’s spell book and magically make this lockout disappear?

I doubt it!

The NFL is in shambles and no one is cooperating. Players are getting arrested, judges are siding with the owners and nothing seems to have been accomplished since March. In fact, almost every day we learn more about the greedy owners, as well as players like New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko, who are changing their careers.

Heck, haven’t some players contemplated the idea of retirement?

What exactly can be done to make sure there will be a season? Does someone have an ingenious idea that will bring both sides together and end this lockout?

I think it’s fair to say that egos have been an enormous factor in this entire process. The owners want things their way, the players want things their way and well, no one can come to an agreement at the bargaining table.

The NFL owners and players are some of the richest people in America and only seem to care about one thing, money. It’s one thing to say, “Yes, I want to play,” but really, both sides want money and this is just one of the biggest problems that the NFL and other sports leagues in America deal with everyday.

Why is it that these men need so much money? Really, why do the owners want an additional $1 billion? Why do the Players need $8 billion? Again, why do they need so much money?

Also, whatever happened to playing for the love of the game? Does anyone have answer to that question?

I am confident that the NFL lockout won’t get resolved and a major reason will be because of money. These players and owners are incredibly greedy and yes, it makes fans like myself unhappy. They’re ruining the modern day “America’s Past Time,” and have turned themselves into the latest version of the NHL, which has lost a number of fans due to their past lockouts.

Put aside the egos, return to the negotiating table and strike a deal, otherwise, expect the MLB and College Football to be the top two sports to watch in September.

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