Bill Buckner Wins First Game as Rox Manager

Bill Buckner was very happy to earn his first win as a Minor League manager! (Credit Brian Willwerth)

By Matt Noonan

BROCKTON, MA — No one enjoyed Thursday’s game more than Bill Buckner, who was all smiles after his team’s first win of the season against the Worcester Tornadoes.

“It was fun [tonight]. It keeps your attention going,” Buckner said. “It’s great. It’s always easier when your pitching coach is pitching. It make it a little bit more nicer day in the coaches room.”

Brockton began the game with a Chris Grossman home run in the second inning, which was followed up by two Melvin Falu RBI’s that brought Dominic Ramos to the plate twice. Mike Smith tossed five innings, struck out one batter and allowed five hits and really, that’s all the Rox needed to win their first game of the season.

“Always, the first one is the best one,” Falu said. “[We need to] just need to keep trying to win every game.”

As for the Tornadoes, well, Lady Luck wasn’t exactly on their side, as Worcester finished the game with one run and seven hits, which certainly didn’t please rookie manager Ed Riley.

Although, while all of Brockton is celebrating their first win of the season, let’s call off Friday’s parade or a speech by Mayor Linda M. Balzotti and understand, it’s just one game. This wasn’t the league championship or round one of the playoffs, it was just one game, but hey, it’s a great way to start the season, right?

“[Bill Buckner] is happy now, he’s happy,” Falu said with a big smile.

“It was a good atmosphere at the ballpark and [my] guys are ready to play and have fun. Everybody has their goals set in the same thing, [we want to] win a championship, so we’ll see how that goes,” Buckner said.

The Rox and Tornadoes will play each other 10 more times before the season concludes, but winning their first game was certainly an important step toward winning a league title. Brockton has never won the CanAm League, but after an impressive win against Worcester on Thursday, certainly every member of the Rox organization has one thing on their mind, winning.

“I’m not a player, but it’s nice to see the players succeed. That’s what it’s all about,” Buckner said.

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