The Return of the CanAm League

The Pittsfield Colonials will certainly be a CanAm League team to watch in 2011!

By Matt Noonan 

Another season of CanAm League baseball has officially begun, but are you excited? Are you ready to invade seven ballparks across the northeast for the next three to four months and cheer on a variety of MLB hopefuls?

For roughly the next four months, eight Independent League teams will play a 94-game schedule and do whatever it takes to land a spot in the CanAm League Title series in September. They’ll make trades, release and sign players, as well as push one another to the brink. They’ll even entertain, attempt the impossible and oh by the way, have a lot of fun.

A majority of these players have either been drafted by MLB teams or are hoping some scouts will catch a glimpse of their greatness, but again, they’re playing baseball, which is the love of their life.

These teams don’t represent gigantic metropolises such as Boston, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia or Chicago, but instead, small town America. They play for cities like Brockton, Worcester, Pittsfield and Newark, which again, may not be on your vacation bucket list.

Although, what exactly is so appealing about Independent Baseball or the CanAm League?

Well, it’s Minor League baseball and it’s not always about the wins or loses, but instead, having fun and putting on a show for the youngsters. You’re not breaking Uncle Al’s arm and leg from the grave to buy Red Sox or Yankees tickets, but instead, slipping a small bill to the ticket window and watching quality baseball.

These players aren’t household names, excluding Josh Papelbon, who didn’t even last a full season with the Rox in ’10, but again, these guys are regular people. They hold jobs just like everyone else, as well as come from all over the country to follow their dream and passion, which is to play baseball.

So, I challenge you to go out and watch at least one game of CanAm League baseball this summer. It’s summertime and we all need something to help us relax, so put aside the work, loosen the tie and come out to the old ballpark and watch America’s pastime being played by tomorrow’s hero’s.

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