The Death of Quality NBA Commercials

The NBA Finals begins Tuesday, but are these commercials making you less excited?

During the 2010 NBA Playoffs/Finals, DJ Steve Porter remixed some great advertisements and commercials that kept basketball fans from all over wanting more. Well, this season, the league’s playoff commercials have been downgraded to a talking ball, which definitely isn’t so appealing, right? Well, with all of that being said, check out some”awful” NBA commercials! 


1.) Discussing a Michael Jordan heart-breaking finish, which is clearly unnecessary.


2.)  The importance of Magic Johnson looking at Larry Bird’s eyes during the NBA Finals. 


3.) Why would a “basketball” talk about himself in the third person? 


4.) “Oh baby, Goliath better be ready to tangle!” That sums up this commercial, right? 


5.) Does “the ball” think he should win a championship? 

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  1. Not helping the situation is the wild success of the NHL and their history will be made series done before the playoffs and following recent games.


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