Bruins Fans Should Not Panic

It should be an exciting Game 3 on Monday, but should Bruins fans be worried?

By Matt Noonan 

Here we go again, another Boston team hopelessly, desperately trying to comeback from a 0-2 hole, but really, can they do it? Does Boston have enough energy left in their tank to cheer the Bruins onto victory?

We all know the last time the Bruins were crowned champions of the National Hockey League was in 1972. America was not at war with Afghanistan or Iraq and Barack Obama wasn’t the president of the United States, but instead, Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon was calling the shots from the White House.

Yet, rather than go back in time and recollect about America in the 1970’s, let’s at least consider the obvious or what we already know about this particular Boston Bruins team.

First, they’re resilient or at least, we think they are, right?

They’ve overcome various deficits over the past year, such as when they lost two back-to-back games against Montreal in April. The Bruins responded by winning two games in Montreal’s barn and then finished off the Habs in game seven at the TD Garden.

They also overcame a rocky start against the Tampa Bay Lighting and eventually won the Eastern Conference crown in seven games too.

Second, they have a decent goaltender by the name of Tim Thomas. He’s the leader of the Black and Gold and certainly has been the reason why Boston has experienced a great deal of success in the postseason. He’s made some highlight reel saves, as well as amazed even the most casual fan and again, he’s why the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Bruins also have quality goal scorers and defenseman. Players like Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic have been very important puzzle pieces for this offense, while Mark Recchi, Dennis Seidenberg and Zdeno Chara have anchored a defense, especially on the power play. Also, Tyler Seguin has left our jaws on the floor with his “can’t-miss” moves.

Do I need to continue with more names?

All in all, this is a quality Bruins team. They may not be an exact replicate of Vancouver, but again, they’re a team that certainly can overcome anything.

Boston sports fans never give up on their teams; so expect the Black and Gold faithful to be ready to cheer on their hometown Bruins. Everyone in the Hub wants the Cup, so a little electricity at the Garden might help Boston climb back in the series.

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