The Big Bad Bruins are … BACK!

After Monday's game against the Canucks, it's fair to say that the "Big Bad Bruins" are back!

By Matt Noonan 

After watching the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday, I finally came to a consensus on Tuesday morning … the “Big Bad Bruins” have officially returned to Boston.

The city is excited and why shouldn’t it be? The Bruins pounded the Canucks on Monday and have officially climbed back into the series. Although, while Vancouver indeed leads Boston, two games to one, I think it’s fair to say that no one care about the score at this moment, right?

The Big Bad Bruins were your mother and father’s team, but last night, they emulated the stories of the franchise’s past, as Milan Lucic, Mark Recchi and Shawn Thornton reminded us of the glory days and helped the team score eight goals in 60-minutes. Yep, they scored eight points and let’s just say it was wicked awesome.

Yet, why was Game 3 of the Stanley Cup so awesome? Well, here are a few reasons.

Vancouver’s goaltender Roberto Luongo refused to leave his cage after allowing five goals. The Sedin brother’s complained and whined, while Ryan Kessler got his hands dirty with Zdeno Chara and Thornton. Also, various Bruins players constantly harassed Alex Burrows and Max Lapierre all night and yes, both guys were quite relieved once the final horn sounded.

Again, this was the second coming of the Bruins of the ‘70’s. They hit their opponent. They slammed the Canucks into the board and yep, they walloped Vancouver.

Game 4, which will be played on Wednesday at the TD Garden should be exciting, especially since every Bostonian and New Englander is craving more Bruins hockey. The spirit of hockey is alive, but now, all that we need is a parade and Stanley Cup trophy to prove that Black and Gold hockey has officially returned to Massachusetts.

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