The Pre-Game Speech

Expect both head coaches to give inspiring and important pre-game speeches before Game 7 of the NHL Finals!


The 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals will conclude on Wednesday at the Rogers Arena. Both Boston and Vancouver want the Stanley Cup, yet, one has to wonder, what exactly will the pre-game speech be like for both squads? Well,  Noontime Sports doesn’t exactly know the particulars, but instead, compiled some of the best “pump-up” speeches to get everyone excited for tonight’s finale! 

1.) In any Rocky movie, you’ll find an important speech. In Rocky Balboa, Rocky gives a sensational pep-talk to his son, as well as stresses the importance of not giving up.



2.) In the Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith exhibits the true meaning of not being a quitter. He explains to his son in this particular scene that one can’t give up in life. In the end, Smith’s character succeeds due to his hard work and effort.



3.) Gene Hackman gives one of the best pre-game speech in the movie Hoosiers. Heck, if you don’t think is great, you might want to check your pulse.



4.) Against the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics, Herb Brooks delivered a riveting speech to his young USA team before one of the greatest upsets in world hockey occurred in Lake Placid, New York. America beat the Russians, as well as went onto capture the gold medal, but all in all, it was an uplifting moment in the country’s history.



5.) Rudy is the perfect movie for any underdog. When the main character Rudy felt like he did everything he could for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, he quit, but eventually, he returned to the gridiron and it was all because of a special friend, as well as an important pep-talk.


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