Libon: Who truly deserves this Cup?

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara celebrates the Stanley Cup on Thursday with fans at the TD Garden!

By Dan Libon 

Vindication. That is what this Stanley Cup is all about for the Boston Bruins.

It’s vindication for players, coaches, and management who were often told, “you can’t win the big win,” but guess what, they did.

Although, now that the Bruins have officially earned yet another Lord Stanley’s Cup for their trophy case, it’s time to really think about the people who truly deserve the honor of being remembered from this past season.

Heck, I don’t know if everyone should be accounted for the team’s success this season, but hey, that’s what I think.

Jeremy Jacobs: Considered one of the worst owners in all of sports, Jacobs never wanted to spend money on “big players.” So with that being said, he always said, “give me a salary cap and I’ll give you something decent.” No one should really give him credit for the team’s championship because he does not appear to be a “hands on” owner. Credit should be given to the next guy, but certainly, not him. Overall – Jeremy deserves this honor, but shouldn’t receive a boat-load of credit for it.

Peter Chiarelli: He was brought here to be a master of the salary cap, as well as help re-build the Black and Gold. He acquired Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand in the ‘06 draft (50th and 71st respectively), as well as traded Dennis Wideman in for Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell, which turned out to be one of the biggest steals in Bruins history. So, maybe, just maybe, Peter deserves some credit, right? Overall – This might be a toss-up, but I’d say, yes, Peter deserves this special honor.

Tim Thomas: In ‘05, Thomas pretty much was told, he wouldn’t be a full-time goaltender and that his best option was to pursue his dream of playing hockey overseas. Although, the Bruins activated Thomas’ option the day before the Finnish Elite League season began, which kept him in New England. He struggled in Providence, as well as in Boston, but eventually helped the Bruins win their first Stanley Cup in 39-years against the Vancouver Canucks this past Wednesday. Overall – Of course, the goaltender deserves it.

Claude Julien: No one in the Boston Bruins organization took more heat this season than the head coach. Julien should eventually receive the Bill Belichick treatment. The hardcore hockey writers will still criticize him for just about anything, but in the end, Julien has been a positive impact for this particular team. They’ve gone from being chokers to champions. Overall – Yes, the head coach deserves it.

The Team: With the Bruins’ being somewhat of a young squad, I’d expect the crew to remain intact for the next few years. Also, players like Tyler Seguin and Steven Kampfer will need to step up next season, but all in all, Boston could be seeing the beginning of a “dynasty,” as long as everyone remains healthy. Overall – They deserve it.

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