Noonan: Thoughts on the NFL Lockout

By Matt Noonan 

It’s been roughly three months and still no CBA (collective bargaining agreement) has been constructed for the NFL.

So, what’s going on? I want football, but really, will we have some this fall?

Seriously, can you imagine a September without professional pigskin? That’d be scary, right?

The NFL is the most successful sports franchise in the world, but as of recently, it’s become a mockery. In fact, I am surprised that Saturday Night Live hasn’t drafted hysterical words or scenes to make fun of these ongoing unsuccessful meetings. Hey, it would be funny to see Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson act out the NFL’s “secret” meetings, right?

So, what exactly needs to occur? What can average fans or spectators do to help football return to the gridiron?

Well, for starters, keep your fingers crossed extra tightly, so owners and players can agree on a brand new CBA. Although, will there be a new one come September? Again, who knows, right?

Seriously, do you think these particular owners and players will eventually put aside their egos, so a bunch of rag-tag fans can invade various stadiums across the country on Sunday’s to watch their favorite sport?

Football is a religion in America. It occurs once a week and seriously, it would be a shame if a bunch of rich, snobby brats can’t exercise their differences.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to express his sorrows to fans across the country, as well as around the world, but really, do you think he means it?

NFL’s executive director DeMaurice Smith hasn’t done much, but instead has admitted how sorry he feels for fans of the game.

Again, it would be awful if there weren’t a NFL season in September. Teams, owners and players would lose loads of money and yes, so would the media. Although, as a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan, all I have to say is the following… let’s make sure a season happens!

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