Libon: Why “The Fort” Will Never Be the Same

The Revolution's most passionate fan section is now under review, but why?

By Dan Libon 

Aside from being a hockey contributor, I happen to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. I enjoy it so much that if you want to know where I spend my Saturday evenings, it would be in Section 142 at Gillette Stadium.

Although, you might be wondering, why exactly am I writing this particular article? Heck, when was the last time the sport or term “soccer” was even mentioned on Noontime Sports?

Well, the reason I chose to write this article was because of a recent event that took place in a little known area called, “The Fort,” which happens to be the location for true “soccer-diehards.” It’s a section that consists of singing, drum banging, as well as loads of cheering, but as of recently, it’s energy and passion have decreased because stadium security and Revolution staff members arrested various spectators who chose to use profane language during the team’s most recent home match against the Chicago Fire.

This certainly made fans incredibly dissatisfied, especially since this particular chant they were shouting has been attached to the club for nearly 11-years. In fact, it just seems strange that all of a sudden, they’d enforce a change, right?

It cannot be expected that a particular chant will disappear over night. In fact it took nearly two-years for the Portland Timers to get rid of their insane chant in preparation for to their move to MLS.

This past Wednesday in Philadelphia, the River Front’s most supportive fans remained silent for a majority of the first few minutes, as well as held up pieces of paper that said “DTF.,” (Defend The Fort).

Overall, what happened last Saturday was an awful thing for the team’s most loyal and passionate fan section, but hopefully the front office will revert back to their old ways, as well as apologize for this rapid change. The MLS is a struggling league and certainly, they’d not be a bunch of happy campers if the attendance for New England’s team dipped.

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