Top 10 Boston Celtics of the 21st Century

A majority of the 2008 NBA Champions made the Top 10 List, but exactly, why?

By Matt Noonan 

It’s officially my duty as the Noontime Sports basketball guru, (technically a “guru”), to break down the Boston Celtics from 2000 to 2011. There are indeed so many players to consider for this particular Top-10 list, but really, I think I’ve identified the best members of the Green and White.

So, similarly to our good friend, Andy Lindberg, I have provided you, the reader with a list of 10-names, as well as short, quick synopses too.

Top 10- Boston Celtics of the 21st Century

10.) Brian Scalabrine – “Scal” deserved to make this particular list, especially since he was a “fan favorite.” He may have not been the best player to sport the Green and White, but when the exuberant red head ran up and down the floor, it was always entertaining.

9.) Antoine Walker – “Toine” was a true troublemaker, but also a competitor. He never won a NBA championship, but one has to wonder, what exactly will he be remembered for the most, especially in Boston? Hmm… I’d have to say his dance moves and complaints.

8.) Walter McCarty – Similar to Scalabrine, McCarty was a fan favorite. He played a majority of his career in a Boston uniform, but his best season was during the ‘03-‘04 campaign, as the forward finished the regular season with 605 points, 137 three-pointers, 62 free-throw points, 239 rebounds, 124 assists and 72 steals.

7.) Kendrick PerkinsA majority of the so-called, “Celtics Nation” was brought to tears this past February, which was when Boston traded their “big man” to Oklahoma City in exchange for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic. The Celtics never recovered from their “blockbuster” trade, as they finished the season in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. However, while Perkins could have helped the team in the post season, (it’s hard to determine that theory), he indeed will be remembered for being a member of a starting-five that never lost a playoff series.

6.) James PoseyThe ultimate “sixth-man,” Posey played an important role during the ’07-‘08 season, as well as helped Boston earn its first NBA title in 22-years. Posey finished the ’07-’08 season with 545 points, 114 assists and 322 rebounds.

5.) P.J. Brown He may have not been a member of the Celtics for a long time, but Brown ended his career by winning a championship, so that’s sweet, right? Brown’s defense, leadership and intensity played a significant role against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Piston and Los Angles Lakers in the ‘08 NBA playoffs.

4.) Rajon RondoAt first, it didn’t seem like Rondo was the right person to lead the Celtics to victory. Although, Rondo has excelled under the guidance of head coach Doc Rivers and his veteran teammates. Rondo is considered one of the top point guards in the league, but seriously, he needs to work on his shooting.

3.) Kevin GarnettGarnett displayed his love and passion for the game, as well as embraced “Celtics pride,” en-route to Boston’s 17th NBA championship. His leadership and guidance played a significant role the past few seasons, as he has helped Glen Davis and Rajon Rondo improve their games.

2.) Ray Allen Acquired on Draft Night in ‘07, Allen came to Boston poised to win a championship. Currently, Allen holds the record for most three-pointers in the NBA.

1.) Paul Pierce – Pierce’s long wait for a title came in ’08 against the Los Angles Lakers, as he, Allen and Garnett, as well as a few other role players, captured the NBA title on June 17, 2008. Pierce was also named the Final’s MVP too.

One thought on “Top 10 Boston Celtics of the 21st Century”

  1. The argument could be made that Walker should be higher. He’s such a galvanizing human being. Remember when he lit into Pierce and the Celtics during the 2002 playoffs? He rallied them to a 41-16 4th quarter advantage when they came back from down 21. And they got rid of him only to realize how much they needed him. Plus, anybody who can shoot that badly from beyond the arc and not be named Rasheed Wallace deserves special mention in a three-point contest.

    The problem with the Celtics is that they were so bad and had so many unremarkable players that you’re essentially left with the 2008-present team. Unlike other teams which had a slew of guys at each juncture, basketball is a superstar sport, so you’re left with 3-4 players who get mentioned…. and not really anyone else.

    Maybe Eddie House because he was here longer than Posey? That’s splitting hairs though.

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