Daily Noontime – July 12, 2011

With your Dad, victory tastes a little more sweeter, right?

Good Tuesday to everyone and welcome into yet another Daily Noontime! Here’s the headlines and news, so enjoy! 


* New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano looked fantastic on Monday, as he beat Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez in the home run derby by a score of 12-11.

* Well, apparently former Boston Celtic guard Nate Robinson has admitted that he’d love to play in the NFL. Hmm… is this a good or bad move? Wouldn’t he be too small?

* If the NFL were to end the lockout on Tuesday, they’d save the “Hall of Fame Game,” but as of recently that particular exhibition contest looks like it won’t happen.

* It’s possible, but highly doubtful that the NFL will see Brett Favre un-retire again for yet another season, but again, who knows, right?

* According to police, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward failed his “field sobriety test,” which isn’t good news.

* Good news came on Monday for the Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, which is that he’ll be able to do a commercial while the NBA is locked out.

Games to Watch: 

* 82nd MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix, Arizona – 8:00pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

There was nothing better than watching father and son, (Cano and his father) at the MLB All-Star Game, what a moment! 

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