One More Night of Friday Night Lights

By Matt Noonan 

One more game… that’s right, one more game and then the light’s go out.

Friday Night Light’s season five finale is this Friday, (July 15, 2011) and yes, it’s a bittersweet feeling.

This particular series wasn’t just about the sport of football, but instead, a family, community and school, as well as the state of Texas. Each character represented one of us, as well as encountered the same troubles we all dealt with on a daily basis such as love, trust, focus, family, work and school.

Yet, why did we become so attached? What exactly persuaded us to listen to Coach Eric Taylor’s pre-game speeches in the West Dillion locker room? Why did we always side with Tami Taylor? Also, what forced us to cheer for the truest underdog of them all, Matt Saracen?

We'll always remember the great speeches by Eric Taylor

Well, it’s because we were indeed apart of this “fantasy world.” We were fans in the stands every Friday evening, students in the hallway and members of the community who voted at town meetings.

Seriously, we cared so much about this particular “small” Texas town and now, it’s coming to end, (bummer).

It’s hard to imagine life without Friday Night Lights, but seriously, I’m sure many of us won’t forget this amazing series. There were so many wonderful memories, dramatic moments, but also, significant events that made this particular show so enthralling.

Although, as Coach Taylor’s daughter, Julie Taylor once said, there’s no place in the world like Dillon, Texas.

Friday evening can’t come soon enough, yet, once the lights officially go down, we too will walk away from our televisions, computers or mobile devices knowing that just like so many characters, it’s time to move onto greener pastures. It’s been an exciting ride, however, before the cast and crew take their final bow, we’ll get to watch Coach Taylor attempt to win yet another Texas State Championship, so save your voices because I’m sure we’re in for yet another epic showdown.

All in all, it’s safe to say, we’ll always be apart of the imaginary world of Dillon, Texas.

“Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose”

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