Catching Up With New York State Federals Manager, Scott “Skip” Nathanson

Nothing better than talking baseball with Scott "Skip" Nathanson!

By Matt Noonan 

BROCKTON, MA – He may not win manager of the year, but New York State Federals commander, leader and of course, head coach, Scott “Skip” Nathanson is focused on having his team continue to play quality baseball everyday.

“Baseball is a great game because the only game that counts [on a particular day] is the one [that] you’re playing tomorrow. We can only win one game in a day and can always lose one game if you’re playing one game,” Nathanson said.

“You have to have a very short [term] memory in baseball. You have to learn from your mistakes and move forward.”

The Federals have indeed learned from their mistakes, but also, “moved forward” too. In fact, as the only travel team in the CanAm League, Nathanson was happy to report Tuesday evening after the team’s 40th loss to the Brockton Rox that already, other ball clubs has signed five players from his original roster.

“It’s very rewarding [to see my former players signed by other teams in the league],” We’re very proud of the fact that we’re able to send guys forward,” Nathanson said.

“That’s what we live for as coaches and managers to see a player explode onto the scene. We [currently] have Jacob Fabry, who’s a centerfielder, who has in the last 20 games, [recorded hits in 15-16 games] and at one point, he had a 11 game hitting streak and you could see it, day by day, he’s getting better and better and to be able to move a player to another team is very rewarding.”

It’s very unlikely that the Federals will make the playoffs this season, yet, despite wins or losses, Nathanson is committed to helping his young ball players improve, as well as get noticed by other CanAm or Independent baseball teams.

“Our goal is very simple. We go out every day, we play every pitch, every out, every inning and we go out there to try and execute whatever the play is on offense or on defense to help us win a game and if we do that then more of our guys will get signed, more of our pitchers will get signed and it will show that this was a very successful season for the New York [State] Federals and the CanAm League,” Nathanson said.

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